7 things that makes me happy

I write this to remind myself what makes me happy. This list is 100% sure to change as I learn but here is how it looks now, in random order.

  1. Physical activity. Crossfit, running, strength training, walking.
  2. Reading. I love reading a good book, mostly non-fiction.
  3. Writing. For me, writing is a way to get my thoughts more structured. It’s a great source of learning for me as it helps me reflect.
  4. Music. Listening to good music can really affect my mood in a good way. The right music can make me work faster and help me focus. Good music means the difference between a good night out and a bad night out.
  5. Solitude. Time alone is a must for me. It helps me reflect and ‘see things from the outside’.
  6. Traveling. This should probably have been the first one. Traveling is an addiction to me. I think it’s the constant flow of new experiences. It makes me feel alive.
  7. Minimalism. This is kind of a broad one. But it makes me happy to focus my priorities by spending less, traveling with less, and having less things. I am not the perfect minimalist, but every time a take a ‘minimalistic step’, it feels right, and makes me happy.
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