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Importance of idleness

A couple of weeks ago I came home from 6 months in Indonesia. The time there has been fantastic, professionally and personally. Since I came home though, it has been hard staying as creative and productive as I was in Indonesia. I didn’t know why until today (at least I think).

Today was the first time I took some time for myself and didn’t do anything. I made myself a cup of coffee and went out on the balcony. Just sitting there, thinking for 10-15 minutes, putting everything in perspective and breathing some fresh air made me realize something I haven’t thought about before: Idleness sparks creativity, it’s like you are rebooting everything. I also read a two short articles on my Kindle (this one was especially inspiring to this post) . Last year I wrote that reading made me happy. It probably still does, but I think the underlying thing is that your brain is cut away from the daily life. It’s idleness. I guess meditation is a member of the same family.

Before I travelled back to Denmark I planned to continue doing exercise and eat healthy food, as I wanted to continue the lifestyle I had in Indonesia, and I knew it was something that made me happy. But it wasn’t enough since the creativity wasn’t there.

So being idle has now been added to the Ingredients of Happiness list 🙂

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