My sacred hour

I have struggled with a project for months now, and I just can’t get it done. So I thought about what I could do, without too much effort, to get this done.

I found the answer was by doing very little each day in the morning before everything else. I call this time My Sacred Hour now. It works so well, that I will do my best to make this a habit when the project is finished.

I amĀ surprisedĀ  by how much I can get done with 30-45 minutes of focused time in the morning. My mind is clutter-free as I have just slept and haven’t gotten any input yet. I found that for this to work, it’s absolutely vital that I don’t do anything that can give me inputs. Output first, always.

The idea of having A Sacred Hour every morning excites me. I want to devote these minutes to something that has big impact on my life. Here are some ideas to My Sacred Hour when the project is done:

  • Starting a ‘minimalist business‘ selling only one product online
  • Writing a small book about something I am excited about
  • Reading non-fiction books to spike my learning
  • Learning Indonesian or Spanish
For me, it’s important that it doesn’t conflict with my ‘normal work’. It should be something completely different, something that draws me in another direction.
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