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How optimism leads to action

Most people tell me that I am too optimistic. I agree, but the madness has its advantages.

Optimism is useful DNA because it leads to action and you accomplish things quicker by being optimistic.

Imagine you give the same boring project to a pessimist, a realist, and an optimist. They all have to write to 50 pages on a subject none of them are interested in.

The pessimist thinks it will take 100 days to complete, the realist 50 days, and the optimist 20 days. With such a boring and burdening task ahead, who do you think will start first? I would argue the optimist, as it’s a lot easier to start writing something boring if it only takes 20 days.
And even if they all started at the same time, the pessimist and the realist will set a lower expectation of what they can accomplish each day compared to the optimist. The optimist thinks 3 pages is possible, so that’s the goal. He might only accomplish 2 pages and get frustrated, but it’s still more than the 1 page that the realist writes.

People who are pessimists and realists might disagree, but then try to do a project with an optimist and see if you discover any advantages of being ‘unrealistic’.

Optimism leads to action and quicker results because the bar is higher
(but don’t take my word for it)

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