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Advantages of having no goals

I used to have a lot of goals attached to every part of my life that I wanted to improve. I still have goals, but I have discovered great advantages of having no goals.

Right now I am working out 3-5 times a week, for example. I do some crossfit workouts, some strength training and running. And for the first time I haven’t had a goal like ‘I have to do 3 crossfit WOD’s, 2 strength sessions, and run twice a week’. I just go with the flow. Sometimes I feel like doing crossfit, sometimes strength, sometimes run. It’s pure freedom.

Here are some of the advantages that I have discovered:

  • You don’t feel guilty about not sticking to the plan, because you don’t have any.
  • You are a lot more creative, because you don’t have something ‘fixed’ to follow.
  • You enjoy the activity a lot more because you don’t have any pre-set expectations of it.
Having no goals is very similar to not making plans. I have tried that as well. Before having a meeting I used to prepare. Now I just take a quick 10-minute brainstorm and go with the flow.
I really believe that one can accomplish more with no goals and feel less stressed on the way.
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