Becoming a fat-burner: Finally keto-adapted

This is a the 4th post out of a series of becoming a fat burner:
Part 1 – Challenge plan
Part 2 – Halfway (I thought)
Part 3 – Progress, but not there yet.


I just did a blood test this afternoon. It showed 1.0 millimolar!

My test result.

This means that I’m actually Keto-adapted. The bad news is, I broke my foot two weeks ago, so I can’t test my performance on a long distance run or bike ride. I did a blood test 4 days ago, which showed only 0.4 millimolar, so this is an indication that it can fluctuate very quickly. Here’s what I’ve done differently the last couple of weeks:

  • Tracked some of my more questionable meals with the ShapeUp! App for the iPhone. I found, that many of the meals had too too many vegetables. One day a made a vegetable soup, where I got around 30 grams of carbohydrate. I also ate a lot of nuts, probably 50-100 grams af day. They also contains to many carbs, so I restricted this a bit. I didn’t realize it before I began tracking these meals. Big learning.
  • My first two meals during the day is a high-fat full cream smoothie, and eggs, bacon and parmesan. Both of these contains a lot of fat-calories, and very little carbs. The challenge comes later in the day with lunch and meals.
  • I went training (yes, with a broken foot). High activity level should support the keto-adaption.

I’m eager to get out and test my body, but it will take 4-6 weeks before I can start running. It is postponing the ‘real’ result. I need to test my performance if this really works. But I feel it’s a permanent change now, so I’ll continue the diet and the blood tests.

I lot of people have been asking what I actually eat since 60%-70% of the calories should come from fat. I will try to make some time posting my favorite meals.

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