Becoming a fat-burner: part 3

3 weeks have gone since I started the fat burning experiment. But I don’t consider this as an experiment anymore, but rather an attempt to change my life for the better. I have NEVER experienced the energy that I have now. I feel like I’m drugged constantly. I wake up, and my energy level is constantly high until it’s time to sleep around 10-11PM. No fluctuations whatsoever. Sounds ridiculous, but I feel I have super powers.

Isn’t the diet the same as Paleo?
A little side note. People are constantly mentioning Paleo when they hear about the experiment. Although I haven’t followed the diet 100% (more on this below), the diet is considerably different from a Paleo diet. Here are the biggest differences:

  • Paleo has no limit no carbs. Just guidelines on what types of food you eat.
  • This diet is 1) low-carb (less than 50grams/day), 2) high fat (60-80% of energy from fats) and  3) moderate on protein (max 100-120grams/day).
  • This diet allows lactic. High-fat yoghurt, full-cream, sour cream, etc.
  • An average Paleo diet will not have enough fat, and way too much protein and carbs.

My first blood test
Now to the fun part. I received my keto test-strips yesterday, and did the first test on my blood ketone level (which correlates with your fat-burning efficiency). They basically say that, to be keto-adapted (efficient fat-burner), you have to have more than 0.5 millimolar of ketones in your blood. I deally, above 1 millimolar.

See this graph on where the optimal keto-zone is:

Here is a link to my first blood test:

It shows 0.5, which is just in the beginning of the keto-adapted zone. An average person eating carb-rich diets will have a blood-ketone level of around 0.2-0.3, so this is definitely a good indication there has been progress. But admittedly, I hoped for a higher score 🙂 So I will continue with some improvements areas with a goal of 1 millimolar:

  • Eat even more fat. Sour cream and olive oil will be added to meals.
  • Track my meals (I now use the ShapeUp app for iPhone, which is super fast to use). This is to make sure I get below 50 grams carbs per day – this is probably the main course why my score is ‘low’.
  •  A bit more exercise and double up on Omega 3 acids.
Looking forward the next blood test next week.
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2 thoughts on “Becoming a fat-burner: part 3

  1. Hi Tobias,

    A really interesting experiment – a now life change, you have started. Hope you stick on to it – and it will be easier for you in the long run to hold you ketone level even if you higher your consumption of carbs later.

    Look forward to read the next part, and if you could share some examples of meals it would be great.

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