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How to survive as an entrepreneur

This morning, the first thing I did was to write down ideas for 24Slides. I love thinking big, and just jotting down ideas without any limiting thoughts. My motivation is exploding. 

I might have jotted down 40 different ideas in the matter of 20 minutes, but only a few of them will actually be realised. I need to filter and ditch some. I can’t do it all. But even if none of them will be realised, it still serves a purpose. It’s sparks creativity. I now feel I want to create something. This state of mind is so much more valuable than its opposite – the reactive mindset i.e. emails, calls, management. It’s a daily practice. And even if all the ideas hit the trash, it doesn’t matter. I’m practising ‘thinking big’. I’m exercising my idea muscles. The kind of muscles I need to survive as en entrepreneur.

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