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The devil inside

Do you know the things that you don’t always feel like doing, but which feel amazing afterwards? Exercising, going out with friends, reading, taking an ice-bath, etc. You probably have your own list of things. Even though you know you won’t regret it, you still have a devil inside that prevents you from doing something. ‘I don’t feel like doing it’, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, ‘I’ll make a plan’, ‘I start on Monday’.

I am writing this to remind myself to kill that devil inside. Today it was running. I haven’t been out running for a couple of weeks, and before that I ran twice a week. I felt amazing after each run, and then I stopped. I got into that ‘down period’ and the devil stepped forward.

I need something to remind myself how amazing it feels to punch that devil in the forehead and then do something. I woke up this morning with the devil sitting next to me on the bed. I said to myself: Take a short five-minute run, no more, and let’s see how you feel afterwards. When I came back I was fired up. I couldn’t stop myself from doing kettlebell swings and sit-ups. I jumped into the pool while the devil was hiding under the bed. He’ll probably be there tomorrow, but now I know how to greet him.

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